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Toys are very important, and should be part of your birds daily activities. Rope toys are a lot of fun for birds, but need to be supervised (in my opinion) because they can get tangled up in and or hang themselves. They love shredding things which always makes wood a good choice. Our birds love acrylic toys and beads that can be held by the bird. I wish legos were more durable plastic, cause my birds love them. Due to plastic pieces being broken off easily is why we don't leave them in cages, our birds are allowed to play with them on play areas with strict supervision. We check for cracked pieces after each play time and discard anything damaged. Birds if given enough toys will and do invent their own fun. They even build things combining small toys, beads, and other parts together. They love attractive colors as we do. Birds also take great joy in disassembling toys, and if given the chance often use the pieces to make other interesting toys. I've seen them stick little pieces of wood through the hole in a bead. They like to play games and tumble around with there toys just like small children. We rotate toys so to help prevent boredom, unless there is a particular favorite.

Swings are another toy my birds love, they get rambunctious on them and also swing peacefully at times, really winding down from anxieties throughout their days. They have days as we do good one's and bad one's.

Do not assume a bird toy is safe, know what to look for such as if there is leather on the toy. It must be vegetable tanned other types contain harmful and or deadly dies and chemicals. Ask the right questions before buying a toy, I have already seen someone at a bird fair selling wonderful toys that were soldered at the top. Solder most often contains harmful lead and or zinc, which is poisonous.

Also keep in mind what may be safe for one bird might be a danger for another. Think! Does my bird like to take things apart and can he/she get caught up in it, if you are not certain about a toy it is best to only let it be played with when you are there to supervise and remove the toy when you cant be there. Just because it is tagged as a bird toy doesn't mean give it to any bird, a macaw could easily chock on a toy designed for a parakeet.

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