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We are experienced and committed to raising handfed babies that are irresistibly sweet feathered children. We are a small dedicated aviary based on the idea that we can give better care that is more personal to a smaller number of birds that are well socialized, played with, healthy and very loved. We believe this to be an important ingredient to raising very special handfed sweet babies that love people. They are all raised here (not purchased from somewhere else) in a clean well cared for environment as they should be.
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From the tiniest Finch to the large Macaw and all in between are a marvel to see to hold and to have. You must care for them well. For to have one is to treasure one of the world's finest gems. Take care of and nurture them as they can not do for themselves in our environment alone. Hold them close to your heart and the rewards will be boundless, so special a creature is the bird. My friend, companion and to some a reason to get up in the morning. They brighten our day and enrich our lives in ways not thought possible until you have the pleasure of their company, non other than the bird.

By Lisa Sweet


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