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We live in Southern Louisiana, my aviary is a closed facility, to protect our birds and their right to privacy. Many of our breeder birds are imports, and it has taken many years for them to trust us. Some of them are very out going to humans, others are shy birds, and it has taken lots of time to get to know them. Something we won't jeopardize, they are not just breeders, we know them all personally. Their likes and dislikes are all considered when caring for them, some cockatoos love lemons others don't, and so on. I have one cockatoo whom hates purple toys another one purple is his favorite choice.

We are a small aviary and we enjoy our birds they are not pushed into breeding, they are bred if they so desire. Even in a breeding situation our birds are provided with toys, and swings and that sort of thing. We believe that they can and do become bored, without things to do throughout the day. Being a smaller aviary we are able to give each bird more attention then just maintenance and our babies are very socialized. This is a key ingredient in raising the sweetest baby birds with a much more personal touch, than if we were a larger aviary.

Due to there longevity we provide them with different sized perches and branches in which to perch on. Since they spend most of there time perching, we don't want it to be in the same exact place on there feet all the time. Presser can build calluses after a long period of time always standing in the exact same place.

Lisa Sweet

I have been a delegate of The American Federation of Agriculture, and I am also a members. I am a founding charter member of Acadiana Bird Club, Inc., and I have served on the board of directors for three years 1999, 2000, 2001, which I must now leave to do other things that have taken up all my extra time. I have served as advertising chairperson from 1998 to 2010 for the club. I have also worked in and around Acadiana to help raise money for those less fortunate than myself. I have, and am still working towards more informed pet owners, so our feathered friends can be cared for just a little bit better.

I was raised in Palm Beach, Florida near the beach. My father a prominent retired mathematics professor "Raymond W. Sweet" still in Florida, and my mother a talented person in her own right "Phyllis Sweet" a former hair dresser and homemaker, whom now resides in North Carolina. Although I dearly miss the family. I now live in the Acadiana area of Louisiana, a culture so different than the one I grew up with but one that I soon learned was a less fast pace than Florida. With so many friendly people of the "Cajun" culture here I soon made this my home to stay. The food, the unique cajun culture, and friendly hospitality is truly hard to find most anywhere else.

I  have loved animals all my life and lived with a great deal of respect for them as well as a great many of them and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a wonderful son "Aaron" whom currently lives in New York and tells me often he loves it there, I am glad it pleases him even though I miss him being so far. I always anticipated a large family but sometimes we must make adjustments for the things we are not so blessed with. With just one child whom is all grownup and mostly away my animals have filled the space of the large family I had so wished for.

I have studied animals their care, behavior, nutritional needs, psychological needs, breeding, feeding and socializing them. All to help them become the most beloved pet and family member in your home and mine. In turn I have tried to pass on my knowledge to those that will care for them after they leave my home. I am never hard to find to ask questions about them, as they are and always will be my extended family and hopefully yours for many, many memorable years to come. My website was created to educate, enlighten and share a lot of what I know and do. Many mini clips and pictures you won't find any where else on hatching babies, pictures and stories for all to enjoy.

I also have worked part time for a veterinarian and loved my job, my boss and co workers are still my extended family. It helps me keep current and up to date with all my animals needs, as well as my continuous quest for knowledge, we are never to old to learn something new.

We here at Sweet Acre Bird Farm have provided comfortable quarters with all the needs "plus" met for the happiness and well being of our birds. Breeders are not just breeders but pets that we love. They are provided with all possible accommodations: music, special lighting, tropical plants, a pleasant atmosphere, toys (even breeders) a varied nutritiously balanced diet and just like us they like snacks and are even cooked for.

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