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The wonders of cockatoo's have long fascinated and captivated everyone they meet. Remarkably intelligent, highly sensitive, lovable feathered children. Their charm is just one of the things that make them so popular as pets. There are fewer Eleonora Cockatoos around offered as pets do to the difficulty in breeding them. They require an extra large cage when breeding. Their wing span is much wider then it looks, almost equal to there larger cousin the Moluccan Cockatoo. Like all cockatoos they can be quite demanding, but have a deep devotion for there masters.
There was a story I read years ago about a political family that kept one as a pet. The bird traveled every where with them, and was in fact fully flighted. At parks he was known to circle and hover over his family, it didn't seem to matter to him where he was as long as he was with his family (this deep devotion is true of most Eleonora Cockatoos.) Unfortunately for this bird he flew a little to high one day and was spotted by a Hawk. I don't need to tell you what happened next, but the family was devastated at their loss. This is why it is best to keep the wings clipped, for your pets safety.
In the early 70's there was a show that featured an Eleonora Cockatoo, named "Fred", this was an amazing bird he was taught all sorts of tricks like picking up the phone, getting into a brief case especially made with a place for his head to stick out. Training for this sort of thing can be quite easily done (if properly introduced), due to there great trust of the one or one's they trust and love.
My nephew "Austin" came to stay with us when he was a baby, he and his sister my niece "Brittany" loved playing with "Wickie" (an Eleonora). Wickie loved the attention too, and always paid close attention to what was going on. Austin loved all our other animals also, but the neighbors miniature Goats were the best to him. Austin would go out the door with any of us at any time to see the so treasured goats. Soon after he would be gone his Mom (my sister "Lori") great mother that she is would be asking "Brittany" "where is the baby!", repeatedly and of course Austin was not alone either our mother or one of us were accompanying Austin on his quest to see the "Goats". It wasn't long after that (just a few days) and Austin couldn't leave the room without "Wickie" screaming "Where's the baby!", he was determined to keep Austin's where a bouts known at all times. Well, after they returned to there home, things got quiet again if you can call it that (with all the pets we have). I guess I mean returned to what was before their visit (no small feet running around the house). Wickie sadly missed Brittany and would say her name several times a day. But didn't mention Austin (the baby), until I brought "Wickie" to an MDA event where children whom might not get the opportunity to see such a bird could even hold him. He likes hugs from the children. Well, there were children every where and it didn't take "Wickie" long to decide in his mind, if any child was to move out of the room it was his duty to yell "where's the baby" and then look around at all of us, as if to say: "well somebody move it and check on the babies! "
Despite the old saying "the African Grey is the best talker" I must say I have heard and do own, and have owned many talking Cockatoos, and Macaws, that I'd put up against a Grey any day. Probably wondering if I've ever owned Grey's, well yes, we even raise them and they do in deed talk well. I wouldn't say better though, and not all African Greys talk or birds in general for that matter.

I have a pet Eleonora Cockatoo named "Chilli Willi" and yes she does say her name, she even calls herself "Chill" for short as do we. She loves to dance, put music on and she will keep up with the beat whether it be fast or slow. She also makes up her own songs with the words she knows. The funniest part is she is in tune and has such a serious look on her face. Dare you laugh because she is serious about expressing herself in this way and actually will get mad at times if someone does laugh. Of course if my son laughs that's OK, and she'll do something to amuse him even more. It could be because he'll play the guitar for her just to hear her sing. She's not half bad either with her child like sounding voice, that she can deepen when she wants too.

We don't take her out in public much, because if any one approaches her with acrylic nails she thinks they are candy. She just doesn't understand why she isn't being shared with either. Her previous owner used to let her have a taste of those fire red jolly ranch candies that to her resemble those acrylic nails some of us wear.

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