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We put lots of fruits & veggies in our corn bread and other things such as:


Carrots, because they are a safe source of vitamin A, red kidney beans that help to balance the B vitamins as well as peas, corn, fruit cocktail, apple sauce, passion fruit, oranges, raisins, pears, pineapple, lemons, grapefruit, peaches, jello, dehydrated fruits. We start our corn bread from scratch so to avoid excessive salt. Flour, corn meal, oil, lots of eggs, sugar, canned milk, (in the summer we often substitute the milk for orange juice to prevent it from spoiling so fast). Of course we vary it from time to time like adding oatmeal (just an example of one thing we add sometimes and other times not) and because we make a tremendous amount at a time to freeze so we can feed it later, we cant give exact measurements. Just like us birds too like a varied diet and can get quite bored with the same old thing.

3 5lbs cornmeal

2 5lbs flour

1 10lbs sugar

8 dozen eggs

gallon of oil


Canned milk, whole milk and or orange juice, depending on the time of year. How much to use depends too, I guess by eye.

I like fresh carrots, the beans are dry and cooked in advance of preparation. Corn is usually frozen but you can use canned. Fruit fresh as well as canned but not in to heavy a syrup (sweetened and packed in pear juice is great). Dehydrated fruits can be presoaked but don't have too be. Often I add precooked pasta, nothing more fun than watching a bird pull on spaghetti in a muffin and have it snap back (lots of fun for them and laughter for us) besides the fact it is good for them. Spice it up with some red dried peppers, another excellent source of vitamin A. Or toss the peppers in to the food later as shown below.


Get creative when it comes to your feathered friends, they will appreciate it. You don't want a soupy mix but more cake batter like and bake it at a low setting like 280 rather than 350. Most birds do not like a dark brown crust. It does take longer to bake but they will waste less.

Want to make it for a finicky bird ? Try blending the things you want him/her to eat and add some seed to attract them to it.

If you use a commercial corn bread mix, there are a lot of good ones out there and we recommend Martha White. We do not recommend Jiffy Mix as it is to high in sodium.


For a family bird and or a few pet birds you can use the following ingredients and variations of some of the other things listed. Following the directions on the Martha White corn meal mix (adjust the liquid added if you are using the liquid from fruit cocktail), after mixing is when you fold in the following.

can of kidney beans (rinse and drain)

can of corn (or frozen)

can of carrots (I prefer fresh shredded)

can of fruit cocktail

an orange (washed well) with the peeling on can be cut and pressed into the top of your corn bread after it is in your baking dish, the smell this will give while baking is to die for and not just your birds will be hungry smelling it bake!

Again do not over bake, just like us they will know, lol.


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