Blue And Gold Macaw Rose Breasted Cockatoos also called Galahs Moluccan Cockatoos


Cuddly babies, pictured below are goffin cockatoos and eleonora cockatoos, another name often used to describe the eleonora, is medium sulphur crested or "Barretta Bird."
The goffins are the ones with the peach around the light gray beaks. The eleonora cockatoos can easily be picked out by their black beaks.

All grown up below.

Some of the same eleonora and goffin babies as above, plus some more goffin cockatoos that felt like posing today. Each with their very own unique personality.

A group of young umbrella cockatoos.


Cute video of eleonora cockatoo "Wickie" over seeing baby umbrella cockatoos and a baby blue and gold macaw. Please be patient, it does take a while for this video to load. Wickie loves babies (human, bird and just about any baby), always curious never harms any of them shown here right before the "Wickie" jumps up he is startled by the loud voice of the baby blue and gold macaw :) 


This is a shorter version without sound (below) of the original clip. Please note container is really not rocking, we would never jeopardize baby birds or any animal for that matter. It is the way we had to edit the movie into an animation.

Cockatoos have crests, which they can raise and lower at will. They raise them for various reasons such as excitement, fright, and away to communicate. They can also bring their face feathers forward to almost cover the beak, usually they are content when they are doing this. Most cockatoos are known for their affection, wanting to be cuddled, touched and held. Often they are excellent talkers, this doesn't seem to be the reason people are so captivated by their charming ways. They are extremely intelligent, inquisitive, and highly sensitive, (I have seen some of our own pet cockatoos get the hiccups). It's important to socialize them with toys, so they can have something to do when you are away from them, or cannot be with them at that time. Cockatoos are extremely playful and entertaining, if they think that something they have done has made you laugh or gotten your attention. They will repeat the performance over and over. Just be a good bird parent, and make sure this is acceptable. Other wise try not to make over it, so it is not repeated.
The moluccan cockatoo is one of the largest of all cockatoos, the photo doesn't show the pale peachy over all color very well, but the beautiful crest with all it's elaborate plumage is very visible.
Here is a goffin up close showing deep peachy coral color around the lores, the whitish blue gray beak, and the light powdery blue eye ring around the eye. I will be adding more to this page in the near future, it is my hope that you have enjoyed your stay. I would like to thank you for coming, and invite you to come back often.
I will be adding more to this page in the near future, it is my hope that you have enjoyed your stay. I would like to thank you for coming, and invite you to come back often.
Goffin Cockatoos In Flight
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