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Winter Time

With the cold weather, we all tend to keep our homes more closed up than usual. Let us not forget that this means the air with in our homes becomes more concentrated. Even if you use a ceiling fan you will still be moving the same air around, this is not good for you, or your pets, and especially not your bird. Birds are more susceptible to fumes than you are. This is why Canaries were used in coal mines to save lives. Toxic carbon monoxide would kill the Canary before it got to the miners, which would then know to get out of the mines fast!

Even though our homes are not mines, they can still have a build up of fumes we are not aware of. everyone likes their home to smell good, and many products on the market today that we don't even think about can be potentially dangerous. Many products that make the home smell good are in fact mixed with something to make the scent linger and last longer in the air. The scent it self is harmless, but the stuff that makes it linger is toxic!

Another hazard can be a new heater that often has coils coated that will burn off after the first use. The fumes from this first time use can kill your bird! So don't use it in the house for the first use. I always wonder if it can kill our birds, what does it do to our children?

Those of whom have fire places beware of those additives that can be added to the fire for color are mixed with metallic's, that are toxic to your bird.

Coatings on Christmas trees, artificial and or real are often toxic. Don't let birdie nibble on the tree or even near it. It is not true that a bird knows what is good for him to eat, he will taste things just because they look good, don't let that taste be his last! Birds in the wild have been known to eat tinsel, thinking it is a beautiful worm. On that note lets be careful what we leave on the Christmas tree when we do discard it.

I know we have not covered everything, but it is our greatest hope we have opened your eyes to what can be dangerous. Use caution on all things, when in doubt don't use it around your bird or in his air space.

Peace to all creatures great and small, may it be a safe and Happy Holiday for all. From: Parrots - Macaws - Cockatoos and all of us here at Sweet Acre Bird Farm.

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