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When looking for a pet bird many say: I want one to love my wife or husband, love the whole family, talk well and so on. Hearing this my usual reply is: " They don't come with batteries so you cant take them out." Meaning each bird is different, unique and as individual as we are. There will be joys and disappointments until you truly understand them. My friend when bitten by a bird, draws back in thought. Often he will say he thought something he did at the time caused it or perhaps the bird was having a bad day and other times that may not be the way it is. Just like us they respond to there environment and surroundings. If there is chaos going on the bird is likely to get caught up in it too. Learning how to understand them, is knowing how to truly love them for what they are.

If you are yelling at the daughter for denting the new car and this is the object of affection for the bird, well he/she may bite just to defend the one he/she feels great affection for (why) out of loyalty to defend. The bird does not understand the dent in the car but does know you are not happy with the daughter for the moment.

If the bird is loud and you want to quiet it by yelling "Shut Up" the bird will most likely get louder because he/she thinks you are joining in not trying to quiet him/her.

There's nothing wrong with anticipations and expectations but as you love your son if he doesn't become the football star you hoped for, have the same consideration for the pet.

They are brought in our lives (by us) and can bring a lot of joy when understood properly. Don't want one because they are cute. Remember they are a living creature too, one that you bring into your life to enhance it. And you must hold up your part in caring for him/her properly, proper food, clean water, clean living conditions and time for the pet. For this you will find the rewards great and can treasure your pet as it should be.

Written By: Lisa Sweet

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