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Did you know that the little quaker (also called monks parakeet) is the only parrot that will build it's own nest from scratch using twigs and sticks. In the wild they can be found in large colonies sharing huge nests with many woven compartments within the nest. Kind of like a condominium for birds. Some states do not allow ownership of them, considering them a pest. They take over electrical poles to church steeples in Brooklyn.
Actually they are only doing what they were meant to do but here within mans realm just not appreciated for their master building skills and the places they choose to nest or their foraging for the best most tasty foods give many a farmer headaches.

How are they as pets, good talkers, affectionate, inquisitive, on the go most of the time. They like to cuddle and have a deep love for toys that can keep them busy. Sometimes temperamental (and don't we all have a bad day now and then) choosing whom they love most with in their human families and their loyalties can be long lasting. If you are not the one they love, you know it. My son's quaker "Oatey" was on a quest when my son's friends that he didn't like came over. Leaving our home feeling like the unwanted victim of a small green compact military machine, set for the kill, lol. The adored friends however would come to see "Oatey" whom loved to play lego's with the children, among other games.

As for talking ability, for a small compact little parrot (they have it) as well as busily entertaining all the time.

I ran across a you tube movie of a pet quaker building a huge nest out of sticks and close pins, you really must check it out, really something to see!


It can be found: Here a quaker named "Sparky" has his own movie and proceeds to build his dream home out of close pins and sticks. Of course "Sparky" has his own channel that can be found here:

You will find Sparky hard at work on a 10 day dedication to one of the largest quaker nests built indoors! Just amazing! Thank you to Linda Magee for sharing "Sparky" You Tube, for all to see.

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