Blue And Gold Macaw Rose Breasted Cockatoos also called Galahs Moluccan Cockatoos

Our Birds

We raise healthy happy birds, that receive an excellent diet we mix ourselves. This consists of seed, vitamins, minerals, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Some of what our birds consume is specially cooked for them by us, and fresh clean water everyday.

Our birds are raised in a clean non-crowded environment, we spend countless hours caring for them. They have special lighting, music and are monitored by camera system to ensure their needs and happiness.

It's important to us to feed them on time, they are better adjusted and really like being able to count on the stability of knowing that the care giver will be there for them. Can you imagine as a small child not being able to count on dinner, or what time you would get to eat, or drink clean water? Kind of helpless, don't you think? We try to care for our birds as we would like to be cared for.

We do not recycle food that the birds may have thrown out of their dishes. It is discarded and fresh is provided daily. This is a veterinarian recommended procedure that helps prevent the spread of microscopic germs, mold, and possible spread of disease to other birds.

Our breeders, as well as our babies are provided with toys. Which stimulate activities and healthy exercise. We find toys, swings, and such provide a much happier environment for well adjusted birds. Less boredom and less chance of becoming a feather plucker.

Below are Blue & Gold Macaws at different stages of development as well as Goffins Cockatoos and Umbrella Cockatoos with us :)


Below are some of our Eleonora Cockatoos (also called Medium Sulfer Crested Cockatoos) and some very cute Goffin Cockatoos at various ages.

Below are some of the different Cockatiel Mutations we have raise, some show here are still in pin feathers.



Handfed Babies

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