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Your New Bird

Don't walk around the Bird Fair with your new bird, if after your purchase you are not ready to take your new bird home ask the breeder to hold the bird until you are. This will minimize the risk of exposing him or her to ailments that could cause the bird to become ill or stressed unnecessarily.

It is always best to be prepared for your new bird in advance, so you don't stress your bird out. This is already an upsetting transition for the bird, everything will be new to the bird and unfamiliar.

Have the cage and new living quarters ready before bringing your new bird home. Make sure you have the proper diet for your bird, ask what the bird is currently eating.

Look at the bowl the bird is currently eating out of, look in the bowl. A bowl similar to what the bird is eating out of can help moving to the new home easier, it will be something more familiar than what your new cage came equipped with. Try to match the diet, if you are not sure, call the breeder from whom you purchased the bird. There are many good diets on the market, but if the bird is not accustom to it he might not eat it. Birds do well with gradual change, keep this in mind before you run out of the birds current diet.

We recommend covering the cage at night, this gives your bird a scents of security. The cover can be something light weight like a sheet. Make sure there are no loose threads that your bird could get tangled up in.

As you take on this new little life remember, it is your responsibility to take care of him. He will reward you with countless hours of companionship and love.


The Old Or Existing Pet

It is always best to do something special for the existing pet in the home. Spend some time with him so he will not feel unloved, replaced, or left out. After all isn't he family too, and you want the old pet to except the new pet into your home.

Time Spent

We strongly recommend that you consider your birds feelings, when it comes to spending time with him. Don't give him the run of your home unattended at any time, because he may make his own fun destroying something you don't want him to or worse, chew an electrical cord, (and it will be your fault). As cute as he is and cuddly, will you be able to spend countless hours petting, rocking, making over him as much in a year or even ten, as you do now? If not, consider what it will do to him if the attention he's receiving stops. He will not understand, he will think and take this as something he's done to displease you. This can be acted out in many different ways, screaming fits, feather plucking, destroying things, and other bad behavior ways, (and it will be your fault).

Set aside time for him to occupy himself when you can not. A special toy or food that he has to work at to get. A walnut partially cracked open or such can be great fun for him. Spend quality time with him, do not leave him cage bound. If it's an hour a day or more you can spend with him, and more on weekends, that's great your pet will thrive. But don't push him aside the next new more interesting activity in your life because he won't understand, (and it's not fare to him). If you consider that new baby bird a family member now shouldn't you always?

We strongly recommend this book: "The Guide To The Well Behaved Parrot", for everyone. It is also wise to purchase a book on the species of bird you have chosen.
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