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It is very important to know what is good for your bird, don't assume if your bird is tasting something, say potting soil or mud from your shoes that it is good for him/her or something the bird needs. It is up to you to provide and guide your bird to things that are good for your bird. Our children get into all kinds of things out of curiosity and this is true of your bird. Just as we read packaging on all things for our children you must do this for your bird and just because it says it is good for your bird or labeled for a bird does not mean it will be ok for your bird. You wouldn't give a two year old something that is meant for a much older child. Think of your bird as you would a child when providing for him/her. Is it really safe, is it really nutritious, can my bird get hurt with this, should I only allow my bird to play with this in my presents? These are questions you should be asking yourself to keep your bird safe, happy and healthy.





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