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Here is Bubba and Rambo hamming it up. In these pictures you can clearly see the red feather lines on their faces this is one easy way to tell them from the Scarlet macaws. Scarlet macaws do not have any red feather lines on their faces, and green wings always do.

The name Green Wing Macaw can be deceiving because when talked about but not visually seen one would expect this macaw to be mostly green and many people visualize something like the Military macaw as being what a Green Wing would be. This makes it quite confusing when you see one as they do resemble the Scarlet macaw except for the feather lines on their faces that are absent in the Scarlet macaw, whom has a bare white face absent of any feather lines at all. Further more the green on the back side is not indigenes to just them as many Scarlet's also display green but not all.

As for character this definitely sets the Green Wing macaw aside from the Scarlet macaw as Scarlet's can be quite nippy and more of a one person bird as is the case in most Congo African Grey. The Green Wing is a much gentler parrot compared to the Scarlet. As for talking ability they are remarkable, not only do they talk well as do most macaws but just like other macaws can learn words and fraises in more than one human voice.

My own macaws will call me in several voices, lol, often using my son's voice to really get my attention. Making me think my son has returned home for a surprise visit. If that fails to get my attention they will try a much deeper voice. They are quite comical at times and will do all they know for your attention.

Here are two of our Green Wing's the male is on the perch and a female is in front. All though they are almost red the green, on the wing of Bubba the male on the perch the green is visible. On Rambo the hen in front it is not pictured, but she too has green on her wing. This is where the name Green Wing comes from.

As you can see the two sexes look very much alike, some say the males are larger but this is so often not the case as many females are large and sometimes larger than the male. Making it difficult to tell them apart.

The best way to tell is to DNA them to know for sure.

Rambo the hen is up front, Bubba a male is in back pictured here. These two get along quite well but when it came time for the male to choose a mate he preferred another macaw female that we brought in. This in it self can be difficult when pairing them up and although they as are other macaws quite tolerant of other macaws and can be housed together with others provided the cage was neutral to all in the beginning. They often prefer to make a choice other than what we think would be a good mate. Which can be quite costly when trying to pair them up.

We were quite lucky that on our second attempt or new female caught Bubba's eye and they are now very bonded and are now a breeding pair and of course still our pets too. Here they are shown with their nesting box. The nest also can be difficult to chose for them as we have our idea of what they might like but often they have their own ideas about this.

Our first nest box was not to their liking and they paid it no attention at all. It was a more angled deeper nest like that which most of our Blue and Gold macaws prefer. But for these two they prefer and oblong nest. We use wood instead of metal for our nest boxes and because of chewing must be replaced from time to time. We choose not to use metal because it can be to cold in the winter and to hot in the summer.

Wooden boxes also allows them their natural nesting behavior of chewing it and customizing it to their liking.










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