Blue And Gold Macaw Rose Breasted Cockatoos also called Galahs Moluccan Cockatoos
It all began one evening just as the sun went down, I settled down after taking care of all our pets as usual. I was looking forward to that moment alone, with my popcorn and a scary movie. I knew I probably shouldn't have been watching such a frightening movie alone without my husband, but I just could not pass up a good chiller, thriller. The night was a little warm, so I had the ceiling fan going, and the air conditioner was kicking on and off. Sort of a noise distraction, so I turned the television up a tad louder, and settled in to my bed to enjoy my movie and popcorn. Yes, I did feel a little guilty for not sharing my popcorn with any of our animals. Needless to say the movie was getting good and scary, I was completely involved, nothing could distract me now.

Then I thought I heard something in the hall, knowing I was the only human at home, and all our pets were settling down in their cozy quarters for the night. I quickly dismissed the sounds to an over active imagination. Returning to my movie that had accelerated to the part that puts you on the edge, isn't that the moment we whom watch this sort of thing wait for? Oh yes, but now I could have sworn my cover moved, of course it must have been a reflex in my leg under the cover, since I was so involved. I'm convinced of it, the only problem was I now realized I was getting scared, that inter voice we all have was saying you're not alone!

Soon I discovered a bump in the cover, at the foot of my bed and it started to rise, I thought I was going to lose it. I even tried changing the channel, but now the bump was getting bigger and started to make noise. That's it for me, I screamed and it moved again, I threw my popcorn into the air. The popcorn was caught up by the ceiling fan and it went every where. It looked like snow coming down, and the bump made whooshing sounds and was coming towards me. I pulled my feet in towards my body, but was too frozen with fear to get out of the bed. I screamed again! To my astonishment, it screamed back! I could not believe what was happening, then I realized I recognized that voice. I pulled back the cover and there was my husbands Blue & Gold Macaw "Turkey Bird" now running a crossed the bed, more frightened than I was. I felt so bad she was just shaking like a leaf. She had actually made it out of her cage, down the long hall way, to my bedroom. And since her wings had been clipped recently, that is why she had to pull herself up by my cover to reach the bed. "Turkey's" miss calculation caused her to come up under the blanket instead of on top of the cover. Oh, what a night to remember, our little feathered ghosty will probably think of her excursion for quite sometime to come.

After I comforted her for quite a while before she settled down and began helping clean the popcorn up, by eating it of course. I felt so guilty for scaring her so much she looked up at me as if to say don't let it get me, all the while it was she whom had scared me.

I returned "Turkey Bird" to her cage for the night, and discovered how she had escaped from her cage, nothing a nice padlock wouldn't fix. I on the other hand, I have been cured of watching scary movies alone for a long time to come.


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