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Welcome to our hatching blue & gold macaw page, we think you will find this interesting.

We have included on this page a special picture featured twice, once to be in unison with our hatching baby and an enlarged version above for all to see the spectacular image of this egg in it's first week of life. The light in the picture is of our egg candler, enabling us to share this beginning of life with in a egg with you. The baby is clearly visible, kind of looking like a darkened red "C" shape surrounded by veins that support the life of this blue & gold egg. These video's are amazing to see, they are the beginning of a baby blue & gold macaw hatching and coming in to the world. We hope you enjoy our video's that we were lucky enough to capture on film at the time of hatch. It takes a blue and gold quite an effort to hatch. Times for each egg vary, so one can not say exactly when each egg will hatch as the difference from one blue & gold egg to the next can have factors and elements in which it may differ by minutes, hours or even a day from one in other even if laid at the same time. Not to say that the blue & gold lays eggs every day because they wont but often we have multiple pairs lay on the same day and see hatches vary. Please note at this time the videos are in flash and best viewed on computer...some devices can't play them at all.
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