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Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Amazons are Amazons, kind of like Opera you either love it or you don't, that is the case with the Double Yellow Headed Amazons and many of your more vibrant amazons offered as pets. Of course that immature young handfed baby amazon  doesn't start that way but develops as it goes through adolescents.

Their bright colors active personalities, astounding vocal ability to talk, sing and even dance.

Understanding them is often misunderstood and many owners become frightened of them after being bitten severely when their bird was caught up displaying and showing off in their own little world and in the midst of doing so an unsuspecting owner that tries to interact with his/her pet at that time can and will get bitten by their pet that really doesn't mean to hurt you, he/she was just over excited and caught up in that moment. With the tail flared and flashing dilated eyes is a good indication that it is not the moment to pickup or pet your bird.


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