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African Greys

Pictured below are some photos of a young Timneh Grey, the eyes lighten with age.




Below you can see how the eyes are lightening up a bit, but these photos still show that this is a young bird.

The eyes will soon lighten to a light whitish yellow. Timneh Greys are not quite as large as the Congo Greys are however they are also known for their talking ability. They are smaller in size, and lack the scarlet red tail of the Congo. Timnehs tails are a maroon, it is said the young birds as well as the females of the species are not quite as colorful maroon as the males, but this is not true on all of them. Timnehs often are said to be less temperamental than the Larger Congo. Also the beak is different Timneh's beaks are horn colored on the top with the lower mandible being blackish gray. The Congo's beak is totally black, and the over all body is lighter than the Timneh.

More to come on African Greys.

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