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Currently I have a beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo baby for sale. This baby is already starting to talk and says: "Where's the baby?" As well as other things and of course baby jabbering :) This baby as all my babies was handfed from day one which my vet and I believe makes them extra tame and impressioned  on humans. This one is an extremely cuddly baby that loves to snuggle and kiss :) We don't tell our feathered kids they are not human because they have feathers. 

Soon I'm expecting Blue & Gold Macaws to hatch and Goffin Cockatoos not to far behind :) we also do have payment plans. 

I've been breeding birds for  over 35 plus years and the sale does not stop once you have received your new baby...I am available for questions down the road as these little feathered children are an extension of my family. I do not do testimonials about what my customers say or I should say extended family as I have raised every baby with special nurturing care to become a very special member of your your privacy is important to us. Anyone can write a testimonial even on themselves our babies are our testimony.  I do have a Facebook and you are welcome to ask questions about me and my feathered kids there :) We do ship but only within the United States to most airports.


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